On “Person-First Language”: It’s Time to Actually Put the Person First

LOVE this. Thank you for the powerful insight.

Radical Copyeditor

Speech bubbles illustrating the difference between "person-first language" and "person-centered language"Full image description.

Language is a tool. It can make our worlds bigger or make them smaller. It can be used to create connection or to cause harm. It can affirm or it can disparage.

When it comes to how we describe marginalized aspects of ourselves or others—things that are perceived as “not normal” by the mainstream—language matters a whole lot, because how we talk or write about ourselves and each other can either affirm the value of diversity and difference, or demean people who are different from the idealized norm.

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Author: PhDoingLife

I prefer to remain anonymous to allow myself to be as candid and open as possible. Here are some tidbits about me: I am currently getting a Master's in Philosophy, hoping to continue on to the PhD level (I know, I know, my title is getting a little head of myself). My areas of interest include feminist theory, bioethics, political philosophy, moral psychology, and continental philosophy. I also enjoy bullet journaling, being outdoors, and music.

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