On Being the Only Type-A Person in Your Department

And when you are the only type-A person in the department, you don’t have that luxury. You can’t not do something and say, “it’s okay, someone else will do it.” or “well the event has been planned so it has to happen anyway.” Either you do it, or it doesn’t happen. And watching the thing that you’ve been planning and dedicating your time and energy to for the past three months not happen? Well, that’s worse than exhausting yourself to make it happen.

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A relatable post by The Post-Grad Goose on burnout

Am I burned out? If so, what do I do about it?

Not to mention, if I’m burned out now, while working a job that has regular hours and generous time off, how am I going to feel if and when I enter a PhD program?

See the post am i burned out? here.

Filling in my bullet journal for next semester makes me feel productive.

Feel free to use my template, but please give me credit if you post online.

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The Twelve Days of Grad School Christmas

On the 12 days of Christmas my advisor gave to me…

12 credit hours

11 deadlines coming

10 unread emails

9 students whining

8 books for reading

7 bullet journals

6 first-day meetings

5 hours of sleep

4 draft requests

3 dead pens

2 conferences

and a whole thesis I still have to write.


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate, and happy holidays to all others!

Alternative Answers to “So, What Do You Want to Do With That?”

Does anyone else get tired of hearing the question “so what do you plan on doing with that?” whenever you tell them your academic plans?

My plan involves getting a PhD in philosophy. When I tell people this, I get responses that range from “Oh, what a unique career path!” to “That sounds… interesting?” to “So you want to work in retail?” By far the most common response, however, is “So what do you want to do with that?”

Being home for the holidays has meant answering that question a total of eight times already (and it’s only week one), so I’ve decided to have some fun with it instead of justifying the same career plans over and over.

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Co-Authoring With Minimal Drama

PhD programs are interesting, because you truly get people from different backgrounds and experiences. However, there are also situations when these different levels of experience and background can collide in really uncomfortable professional ways. That’s right everyone – it’s time to talk about professionalism in co-writing!

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Reframing Thoughts About the End of the Semester

The end of the semester is an incredibly busy, stressful time for students, researchers, and educators. If you’re a graduate student, you’re likely at least two of those things. This means that work is piling on, stress is compounding, and negative thoughts are running amok.

While reshaping these thoughts aren’t going to change the amount of work have to do, they can improve your attitude, up your productivity, and make this time of year suck just a little bit less.

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