Motivational Song Suggestions

This is a hard time of year for those of us waiting to hear back from PhD applications, and rejections can be disheartening (to say the least). I find it really helpful to listen to music that builds me up instead of encourages me to spiral into a pit of self-doubt. Here is my list, and please feel free to comment your own suggestions as I always need more music!

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Holding Yourself Accountable to Writing

Question: Hey fellow grad students, how do you do a thesis? Like, how do you hold yourself accountable for writing and reading and research, besides a disappointed look from your advisor once a week? I have trouble making myself sit down and work unless I’m panicked about the next thing that’s due, and this semester is very unstructured and I’m flailing. Please help?

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Why Being Vulnerable With Your Advisors is the Right Thing to Do

I am struggling. And, until a few days ago, the fact that I was struggling was struggling–especially that I was visibly struggling–was making me struggle that much more. It was a vicious cycle that I found myself in, until I finally broke.

“The thing about a spiral is, if you follow inward, it never actually ends. It just keeps tightening, infinitely.” – John Green, Turtles All the Way Down

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Week 1 of a New PhD Program, Or, Imposter Syndrome SUCKS

“There’s gonna come a time in your first semester where you feel like you don’t belong here. But remember that you’re here for a reason, and you’ll be fine.” This was the advice my new lab-mate told me when I begged her for her biggest piece of first year advice. And I’m so happy she told me this prior to classes starting. Continue reading “Week 1 of a New PhD Program, Or, Imposter Syndrome SUCKS”

My “You Are a Badass” Moment of the Day

Everyone in academia knows what imposter syndrome (IS) is–the fear that all of your peers are better than you and any moment someone will find out you aren’t as smart as you say you are.

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